FMS - Facility Management System

FMS is designed to provide users with a workspace whereby they can manage the day to day operations of the business with greater ease and efficiency. FMS is designed to run on AJAX viewer in conjunction with Mapguide Spatial Engine, which enables it to run in a standard web browsers without any additional plug-ins.

 Salient Features.

  • 24/7 online accessibility to latest plans and updates from anywhere anytime.
  • Multiple persons accessing the same data concurrently.
  • Enhanced map representation of areas / features, comprising consistent colour scheme.
  • Representation of data as vector layers and associated attributes.
  • The ability to quickly and simply perform spatial analysis of particular areas or features, such as the measurement of distance or the creation of buffer overlays around particular features to enable proximity analysis etc.
  • The ability to upload and download a wide variety of information (i.e. survey information, equipment locations, photographs etc) and link information to particular features / attributes. Thus avoiding unnecessary duplicating files and or data.

The purpose of this system is to provide a mechanism for storage and easy retrieval of graphical and text data owned by the organisation.

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